There is something just so rewarding about growing something from the earth - its such a good feeling when you see your product in the supermarket with people buying and enjoying your strawberries!

Kevin & Chi Tran

Our Story

Kevin has really started from the ground up - doing the summer strawberry season in Victoria picking and packing, then moving to Queensland to work the winters for seven years. He just loved being outdoors each day and especially appreciated the warm sunny Queensland winter weather.

He grew up working for his parents in their retail business but somehow farming was just in his blood. His first farming venture aged 16 was not exactly successful, but it cemented for him that he didn't want to be stuck inside where he felt trapped. This was the start of his passion and his career as a farmer.

He and wife Chi sold the family home in Melbourne and took a chance moving to Queensland and actually buying the very farm that Kevin had worked on for all those years. Ten years on, Kevin has three farms sites all in the Wamuran basin area.








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Why Pick & Pack With Us?

We offer a mix of hourly paid and piece rate jobs
Our farm sites are super close to Caboolture and Morayfield making them easy to access
We try to ensure that we provide work for our team even at the start of the season when the fruit is slow – we really care and try to be as flexible as we can with our workers needs

Picker – 5:30 am to 3pm

Packer – 9am to 6pm

We have work on offer 7 days a week in the peak season

We try to provide flexibility to fit around workers’ personal needs and offer days off that suit

We have a rotation so everyone gets as much work as they need along with rest and days off

We do not have any on-farm accommodation – we can refer you to a reputable local Real Estate Agent that arranges boarding rooms

Need your own transport but we are close to town

We have work available from May until the end of October

Find Us

Red Sensation
83 Behrens Road, Bellmere Qld 4510