Always look for fresh strawberries that are glossy with fresh green caps. Don't forget if the berry surface is looking a bit dull, then they are perfect to add to a smoothie or chop into muffins - no need to let them go to waste!!!

Ash HoyleAshbern Farms

Strawberries are a delicate fruit that can bruise easily and go mushy if they are wet. Always store your fresh strawberries in the fridge and only wash them just before you use them. Strawberries are best eaten within 2-3 days.

Adrian SchultzLuvaberry

One of the newest varieties we grow - Red Rhapsody - are long and large and a really deep red colour - this doesn't mean they are past their best, it's what makes this variety so sweet & tasty

Ray DanielsSunray Strawberries

When strawberries are plentiful during high season and prices are super affordable – why not freeze your own so you have them on hand whenever you want?

Freeze loose strawberries

a large baking tray and cover it with baking paper or tin foil

remove the green stem and spread out the strawberries so none are touching

below -18 degrees C until well frozen

up the berries into resealable bags and add the date – use within 12 months

Image of frozen strawberries