It’s been important for us to remain small, growing great fruit takes time, input and a lot of love. People know when they buy Tinaberries they’re going to get really great, flavoursome strawberries that are big and juicy - and that really matters to us!

Bruce & Christina McPherson
Tina & Bruce of Tinaberries

Our Story

We’ve had this farm for 17 years and have been growing strawberries here for 15 years. Our Tinaberry strawberries have a loyal following amongst the Bundaberg locals and we’re known for our big tasty ice creams!

As well as strawberries, we also grow passion fruit, we have a macadamia tree nursery and we’re always developing our agricultural farm tourism offering.

We have a tight-knit team that work together to produce the best tasting strawberries in the area and have fun whilst doing it.

Ice cream from Tinaberries

Why Pick & Pack With Us?

We’re Team Tinaberries – a tight knit team. The farm is our home so it’s important to us to know everyone and we all get along.
Our staff love working here, it’s a unique place to work with the beach not far away, turtles down the road. Probably the best climate you’ll find in the world, the sun shines all through winter.
Opportunity to work across picking and packing, plus support our agricultural tourism offering.







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What is it like to work with us?

I’ve grown up on a farm and I love farm work, being outside and being busy. I work in the ice cream shop at Tinaberries, I’ve got to meet a lot of different people, for the last two years I’ve worked alongside a French backpacker and it was amazing. We’re still friends now and once the world opens up I’m hopefully going to go and visit her.

MaddieYoung Aussie worker

Everyone told me strawberries would be hard and horrible but it’s really not. It’s my first farm job working outside and not in a shed or a factory, it’s great to be in the sun, the only negative is the farmers tan.

MarleyBackpacker, UK

It’s really not that hard at the end of the day. If you’re finding it difficult you’re overthinking it. You sit in your buggy and push yourself through.

LeoFarm Manager, previously backpacker

We ask for flexibility from our staff when it comes to hours.

Our picking schedule is affected by the sun, the rain and if we have staff picking and working in the pack shed. We aim to start picking between 6-7am and pack in the afternoon.

Everyone gets to have a 30 minute break for lunch and two smoko breaks

We’ve always worked closely with local hostels to ensure they’re offering a good environment for the workers. We think it’s important that farmers take on that responsibility.

We recommend having your own transport.

We have a good relationships with some of the hostels so we should be able to link you up with another worker that has a car

We have a lunch room with a microwave and kettle.

A gorgeous garden to enjoy your lunch in.

All our training and inductions are done via an app so it’s really easy and you always have access to the documents.

As a small multi-crop farm, we can offer you variety in the work you do – not just picking and packing strawberries.

Our strawberry season starts in May and finishes around October.

Find Us


15 Zinks Rd, Woongarra Qld 4670