To start from nothing, from dirt and see the strawberry grow into red fruit we can sell in the shop and see the smile on the children’s faces is so rewarding.

Toan & Gina Dang
SSS Strawberry

Our Story

10 years ago the Dang family sold their small farm in Perth and moved to Queensland. SSS stands for Seven Successful Siblings and it truly is a family business, the farm is now run by the 2nd generations of the Dang families’ Sons & Daughters.

The farm has over 140 acres, growing over 4 million strawberry plants making SSS one of the largest strawberry grower in Australia.

SSS provide a lot for their staff, having recently developed their own 'SSS Village' Staff accommodation - complete with a basketball court! Plus a fully equipped lunch hall on site for all the staff to enjoy.

Workers needed
years the farm has been operating
strawberry plants
strawberries punnets to harvest
SSS Strawberries accomodation

Why Pick & Pack With Us?

Our modern facilities from the lunch hall to the accomodation village
We know our staff work hard and we appreciate that, when we’ve had a tough day we’ll try to treat everyone with pizza
We’re a large farm giving you the opportunity to work and earn

What is it like to work with us?

This is my fourth season with SSS the boss looks after people. I like strawberries because they are easy to pick when you sit in the trolly and you can earn money.

Picker4th season

包草莓是我做過最賺錢的工作,而sss是我待過的草莓場裡工作環境最好的一間場。 來到Bundaberg 在sss工作,我不需要煩惱工作,不需要煩惱住宿,不需要擔心賺不到錢,還可以有一個很棒的農場生活體驗。


This is my fifth season with SSS, I'm really happy to be working here becuse the family always help us with any problems and they always have a lot of fruit to pick. I love that the trollies have handles we can steer with and it makes it easier to pick.

Picker5th season

We have a lot of fruit so we start work early in the morning. It also gets very hot in Bundaberg so we need to get a lot of the fruit off before it’s too hot.

We start picking 6/7am

The pack house potentially starts later but also early.

SSS have built their own accomodation ‘village’ with over 30 units with 8 beds in each house about a 15 minute drive from the farm.

Equipped with everything you would need including a basketball court, outdoor gym and BBQ. All houses come with wifi, laundry, bedding.

Because all our staff live together, getting a life to work is easy! You can bring your own car or share with other workers.

We have recently built a fully equipped modern lunch room for our staff and modern clean toilet facilities on site.

We have built our SSS Village with a communal basketball court, outside gym and BBQ. All houses come with wifi, laundry, bedding.

Our season starts mid April and goes util October

Find Us

SSS Strawberries
11 Rosedale Road
Bundaberg Qld 4670


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The more weeks you work on a participating farm, the more chances you have to win.