We’ve built our business from nothing and now we have 1.2 million plants. We love waking up every day, breathing in the fresh air and being outside!

Thao & Dien Le
Winter Berries strawberries

Our Story

Over 20 years ago Thao found herself packing strawberries down in Melbourne. Then during a strawberry harvest in Queensland she fell in love with the warmer weather.

They started with a small family farm in Caboolture 20 years ago, but set their sights on bigger things and they’ve been in Bundaberg for the last 10 years. Moving allowed them to buy bigger land and build all the facilities exactly the way they wanted to make picking and packing easier and quicker.

Thao knows what she’s doing when she runs the pack house. With all her experience, she knows her method makes it completely fair for everyone. Building the farm from scratch means the pack house is built exactly how she wants it, which gives the workers plenty of opportunity to earn good money.








Hourly Rate ✔
Piecework ✔


Fair Farms ✖

Winter Strawberries, Thao owner

Why Pick & Pack With Us?

We know what we’re doing, we have structures and rules in place so everyone knows what to do and it is fair to everyone
We’ve built our pack house exactly how we want it which makes for smooth working!
We’re a big farm, but all our fruit is in one place. Our rows are flat and with 1 variety it’s easy to learn how to pick and pack then get faster. 2 rows of plants makes easier to pick

What is it like to work with us?

Planting, Australian
I came to experience what work in the agricultural industry is like. It’s definitely a good experience and to understand the difficulties of farming, it’s hard work. I find the time goes really fast because I’m always doing something.


Stay focused when you’re picking strawberries, don’t think about anything and you can pick fast. It’s not too hard but to earn money you need to be fast. I enjoyed this farm, I lived in Bundaberg, made friends, had a good time and the boss is nice.


Everyone at this farm works together, we all know to follow the rules and understand each other. This is my second season at this farm, but I’ve been working fruit harvests for ten years. I think packing is an easy job, you can just stand there and earn money.

Packer2nd season

You can meet a nice boss and her lovely daughter here. It's really a good working environment for all backpacks to learn new skills and earn money, as long as you work hard

Gu Qian顾茜

Picking and packing start at 6am

Picking lasts 6-8 hours whilst packing goes until we get the job done. In the peak of the season, we work 7 days a week.

We have a 20 min smoko break at 9am & 3pm.

We break for lunch at 12pm (30 minutes)

Although we don’t have any accommodation on site, there are plenty of backpacker hostels in Bundaberg and Bargara

You’ll need your own transport.

We have an inside area with lots of microwaves and an outside bench

With the warmer climate in Bundaberg we start picking and packing Mid April.= through to October.

Find Us

Winter Strawberries

504 Dr May Crossing Road, Alloway Qld 4670