Happiness for me is watching things grow. Every day at work is a day of recreation and enjoyment - you have to make hay while the sun shines! For us it's all about flavour and quality - ours is a premium product

Adrian Lynch
Adrian Lynch from Wellingont Point

Our Story

Adrian came to the Redlands when his parents moved from Victoria in 1991, immediately heading to Gatton to study horticulture. For a while he worked on a flower farm before striking up a business partnership in 2001 at the current farm site

This farm is one of the few servicing the locals direct from the soil to the plate. It is also the key player in strawberry production, something the Redlands area is known for

The challenge with strawberries isn’t just to grow, but we want to grow a strawberry good enough to consume and worthy of getting excited about. The taste of a delicious, freshly picked strawberry can put some real excitement back into your palate!








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Wellington Point farmers

Why Pick & Pack With Us?

We are located right in the heart of the beautiful Redlands area of Greater Brisbane
As a small multi-crop farm with on-site shop and cafe we can provide variety in the roles that you do each day
Our facilities are brand new

We like to start early

We also work 7 days/week because of retail outlet

We do not have accomodation available on site.

Working with us works best for those who have their own transport

Wellington Point train station is 500 m

We start picking strawberries in May and go through to October

We’re a small team that works together to get the work done and has fun doing it!

Find Us

Wellington Point Farm
623 Main Road, Wellington Point Qld 4160