Our farm is all about the value of family - there are three generations and many family members that work at TSL Family Farms

Tracey Denman, Sam Stewart and Laura Wells
TSL farm owners

Our Story

TSL is three sisters Tracey, Sam & Laura. We are second generation farmers who purchased our family farms in 2018.

We are privileged to have learnt from the best! Our parents grew strawberries for over 40 years. Always taking pride in producing premium quality fruit that everyone loves to eat. We want to continue that legacy for many years to come.








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TSL Family Farm group photo with owners Laura and Sam

Why Pick & Pack With Us?

We have traditional ground crops and for a different experience, we also have strawberries on table tops!
We welcome workers into our family and have people returning year after year to work with us purely because they enjoy the work and are paid well for their efforts
We don’t work on Sundays and we regularly have pizza nights, BBQ’s and other team activities to show how much we appreciate your hard work

What is it like to work with us?

I have been with TSL Family farms for 3 years now. I enjoy working outside in the fresh air during planting and listening to music all day when working in the shed. I have met many great people that have became my friends. I love how kind, patient and caring my bosses are and how much they value their employees. All training is provided and the Strawberries are super yummy it’s a win win.

StaceyWorker, Australian

I am thankful for the opportunity and I am glad that I am working with TSL farm and after working weeks I am happy about the work since we get some days off after a long tiring day. On top of that the supervisors and workmates are nice and helpful.
I am looking forward to work for a long time with more support and more work opportunity.

LilaWorker, Australian

loved picking strawberries outdoors in our beautiful qld weather. Strawberry picking is lots of fun and you can work along side your friends. I have made a lot of friends over the years working at TSL Family Farms. The money is good with the potential to make a lot more than you would other farms. Your pay is always ontime each week with a detailed and easy to understand pay advice.

TerriWorker, Australian

TSL welcomes me when I first walk in the door. That makes me really comfortable and I want to be there working with them..They taught me how to do the job and they always there to see if you need help.
They look after the workers wellbeing very well.

SikeiliWorker, Fiji

This is my second year working in TSL Family Farm!
The reason why I love working in TSL farm is because I like working outside with the fresh air and also picking strawberries is just not as difficult as people would think,so I highly recommend it but the most important thing is that they pay salary fairly and never delay so I personally guarantee that TSL is a decent and kind company


We work 6 days per week – no work on Sundays

You’ll need to find accomodation off site. We recommend Caboolture, Morayfield, Wamuran.

You will need to have your own transport

We have great facilities with plenty of room in our rest areas and equipment like microwaves and hot water for you to heat your own lunch should you want to

We start our season with planting in March & April

The harvest starts slowly in May and then our peak season is August and September

We work through October

Find Us

TSL Family Farms

Farm 1: 210 Stern Road, Bellmere Qld 4510
Farm 2: Turnbull Road, Wamuran Qld 4512