Continuing the family tradition started by our Father, various members of the Scurr family work throughout the business alongside more than 70 full-time employees and up to 500 seasonal workers

Gavin & Stephen Scurr
Piñata Farm

Our Story

Our family farming business is based at Wamuran on the Sunshine Coast in south-east Queensland, in the heart of the Glass House Mountains. We’ve been growing pineapples here since founder Geoff Scurr started producing the fruit in the 1960s.

Our farms produce pineapples, Honey Gold mangoes, strawberries and specialty berries. From remote locations in the Northern Territory to the Sunshine Coast and the high country of southern Queensland, each enjoys distinct climatic growing conditions. Third-party growers also produce our fruit.

Piñata strawberries are grown both in traditional open field beds and under polytunnels where the crop is protected from extreme weather events. Our strawberries are grouped and packed in punnets specially designed to allow them to breathe. Each berry is carefully placed in the punnet to minimise bruising – which means presentation is picture perfect. Each picker has their own trolley that fits neatly inside the rows, providing easy picking and plenty of space for stacking just-picked strawberries.




MAR-APR Wamuran
TBC Stanthorpe


MAY-OCT Wamuran
SEP-MAY Stanthorpe


Hourly Rate ✔
Piecework ✔


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Why Pick & Pack With Us?

As a large multi-crop farm, we can provide long seasons for workers wanting to work continuously and a lot of variety in your days’ work
We participate in the Seasonal Worker Program and we have a great diversity of cultures working at our farm so you’re guaranteed to find some new friends working for us
As we have farms in other locations, team members can travel to other regions and continue working for us

What is it like to work with us?

I like the variety that you get working for a big farm. There's lots of different jobs you can do. Planting has been really good this year as I am really fast and so with piece rates I have earnt really good money.

BenA backpacker from France

6am to 6.30pm with breaks at morning & afternoon tea as well as lunchtime

We have on-site housing for up to 62 workers at our Wamuran site, although this is mostly taken up by our PALM staff

You need to have your own transport

We harvest strawberries from May-October in Wamuran and September-May in Stanthorpe

Find Us

– Farm site:
382 Scurr Rd, Wamuran, Qld, 4512

CONTACT PINATA FARMS and select “Wamuran” as the location


– Farm site:
263 Kelly Rd, Applethorpe QLD 4378