We do strawberry growing a little differently at Stothart Family Farms. We're proactive and enjoy a challenge, a few years ago we made the move to raise our plants off the ground on to tables and haven't looked back since!

Dave Fairweather
Stothart family farm

Our Story

Bryan and Jane Stothart began growing strawberries 48 years ago. Today, the 2nd generation of the family run the farm. Including David Fairweather, who has been injecting new ideas and energy into what has always been an innovative family business.

We have created what we call 'The Hanging Gardens of Bellmere', converting all of our 20 hectares of strawberry growing area to tabletop production. This method of growing strawberries, reduces disease, uses less water and is a lot kinder on our worker's backs.








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Stothart Family Farms workers holding Strawesome sign

Why Pick & Pack With Us?

Our farm has a team-orientated approach. We have employees who have been with us for many years, some of which are in supervisor positions who are great to work with and keep the farm running smoothly.
Our farm facilities and working areas are kept up-to-date and well maintained which make it a pleasant & enjoyable working environment.
We ensure we keep up-to-date with all industry requirements to continually provide a fair, rewarding and safe workplace.

What is it like to work with us?

I would like to take a small moment to extend my gratitude towards yourself and to the rest of the team at the farm, they have been the quintessence of a true family farm. Furthermore, I would like to express my sincere thanks towards, Michael, Okky and Hamidah; they have made the duration of my employment filled with warmth, laughter and scrupulous supervision.


It was a joy to work in the Stothart strawberry farm, and to be a part of a lovely team of Packers and field workers. Thank you for the employment opportunity and experience!


I would just like to send you this email as a HUGE thanks for having me work on your farm over the last year. It's been such a pleasure to meet everybody that has worked on the farm, David seems to have a fantastic team working alongside him. If you could pass the message on to David and the guys to also say thank you for making me feel welcome and me having an enjoyable time at Stothart farm.


Thank you Jane for all your time and help and advise. Tahlia thank you for your help via email communication and also Dave; as he was always very helpful and friendly whenever I needed any help, advise or support on anything.
In addition I would also like to mention how much of a pleasure it was working for and with Brett. It always felt like a strong team unit working with him and his team and he always makes us feel very comfortable and well informed of the work we have to do and the objective of the day. He always ensures he is an equal with his staff ensuring solid relationships and utmost respect from himself thus his workers; honing a very strong team and work ethic, always with joy and humour, which is in my opinion essential. Thank you all.


I would like to thank you both so much for the wonderful experiences I have had on your farm - during these times I am especially grateful. Okky and Hamidah are truly incredible people to work for and I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and support.


Picking is generally a 7:00am start with varying finishing times (afternoon).
Packing starts a few hours later with varying finishing times (afternoon/early evening).
Depending on the time of the season, we work 4 – 6 days per week with Sundays off.

The farm is located approximately 6-8km from Caboolture where there is rental accommodation available in surrounding areas. There is no onsite accommodation available.

Please arrange your own transportation. There is no public transport available to the farm. Parking available on-site.

All our strawberries are grown on a tabletop system making them much easier to pick than a traditional in-ground growing technique
Well-maintained and pleasant break areas with shelving for personal belongings
Microwaves, fridges, water cooler & coffee/tea making facilities provided
Clean toilet facilities
Climate-controlled packing shed

Planting during March and April
Harvest season commences in May and finishes in October.

Find Us

Stothart Family Farm
219 Stern Rd, Bellmere QLD 4510