Picking fruit is about mindset, try to have fun with it and that's what will motivate you the most.

Jimmy Lay

Our Story

Sun Sweet Berries is owned by Jimmy Lay who has been farming for over a decade.

Strawberry plants cover under 44 acres of farm, this year they have three varieties: Scarlet Rose, Parisienne Kiss and Red Rhapsody.

Workers needed
years the farm has been operating
strawberry plants
strawberries punnets to harvest

Why Pick & Pack With Us?

We know rest is important during harvest so will ensure you always get at least one day off a week
We have a lot of plants so there’s opportunity to earn money here

We try to all have one day off per week. We try to make this Sunday so that we have a busy start to the week but we’re well rested for it.

We don’t have accomodation on site. We recommend a share house.

You’ll need your own transport to work with us.

We have some basic facilities on site.

We start picking I early May, by June we’re full on and our season finishes around October

Find Us

Sun Sweet Berries
270 Donnybrook Road, Donnybrook, Qld 4510


Pick & Pack for your chance to play to WIN up to $100,000

The more weeks you work on a participating farm, the more chances you have to win.