Strawberries are a business that we have to run efficiently, but many hands make light work and you get rewarded at the end of the day.

Ray Daniels
Sunray Ray Daniels

Our Story

We're second generation farmers, my family once owned the third largest strawberry farm in Queensland. I've been growing strawberries my whole life and I grow 45 times more than my parents did. We have 4 million plants across two farms with five varieties.

Taking a seven year break from strawberries, I studied to become a Fitter and Turner by trade so I can make anything on the farm. We're always innovating and I've even made robots to pick strawberries. We've learnt to be efficient and for example have developed a moving break station that follows the workers around the farm with their belongings.

Our favourite part of the season is taking the staff away for the weekend and exploring the local area, last year we went to Noosa on our 'party bus' and everyone got involved with the karaoke.








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Piecework ✔


Fair Farms ✖

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Why Pick & Pack With Us?

We have a schedule in place so you get to rest during the season. We try to offer two days on, one day off
Big farm so plenty of work available
Our mobile break area follows you in the paddocks which means easy breaks where you don’t waste time traveling back to the shed
Growing five different varieties means we have constant production throughout the season and can offer continuous work too

What is it like to work with us?

It's good work for the pickers you have the trollies so it's not back breaking work. There's good money to be made.

JackWorker, Aussie

We like to be efficient on our farm
Picking starts at 6/7am and packing varies.
Everyone gets to have a 30 minute break for lunch and two smoko breaks

We don’t have any accommodation available on site. We recommend share houses in town.

You’ll need your own transport.

Moving break area that follows you while you pick to make it more effiicient, includes toilet. Leave your bags at the begining of the day and they follow you around

We start picking in May through to October

Because we have five varieties, there’s consistent picking and packing work throughout the season

Find Us

Sunray Strawberries
347 King Road, Wamuran Qld 4512