We have been living here for 17 years and call ourselves accidental strawberry farmers! We are a small family farm and we share-farm with our parents Bob and Joy, along with Ember the cat and Panda the puppy dog

Adrian & Mandy Schultz
Luvaberry's Mandy and Adrian

Our Story

Bob & Joy started the family farm and we joined them to help out for a while - that was 17 years ago and we just love it! Originally it was a Native flower farm. Whilst we waited for the flowers to grow, we planted a small field of strawberries as a trial and years later we have created Luvaberry as a family

Our farm is actually 80 years old and comes with a historical background. Originally the main house was a part of the returning WW2 veterans land/house giveaways to encourage farming. It was initially established as a Tobacco farm and our main shed area is still the original tobacco drying shed. One of the accommodation areas was once used as the “dance hall” for the region!

Our two children are now teenagers and are actively involved in the farm. Over the years they have grown up with people from every corner of the world and it has given them such a cosmopolitan view of the world.

We also have our pandemic puppy - Panda who is everybody's favourite puppy.








Hourly Rate ✔
Piecework ✖


Fair Farms ✖

Pickers from Luvaberry, Elena, Emma and Agus

Why Pick & Pack With Us?

Location – with easy access to the mountains, beaches and Brisbane. You get a quiet life with easy access to many things, including bush walks at the end of the road or the Wamuran to Caboolture bike trail.
Variety – We are multi-crop farm and as result, you get a variety of tasks so you’ll never get bored
Trial – Everyone is provided with a 7-day trial and accommodation during that period is just $50 per week in the on-site accomodation

What is it like to work with us?

This is a farm you can stand behind- they focus on community, fairness, low waste, and strong communication. They value each employee and encourage everyone to be themselves. I couldn’t think of a better place. I can earnestly say my stay here was filled with joy, laughter, hard work, and a whole lot of singing in the pack house.

RachelPlanter, Picker, Packer, USA

This is a wonderful farm. I had the amazing opportunity of working here in uncertain times due to COVID, and it became a home. The owners, Mandy and Adrian, were so hospitable and fair, it made working here as a backpacker a truly fulfilling experience. Highly recommend for backpackers and for the quality of product.

BrianPicker, Packer

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Jack GrahamCo founder, Coffee Inc

Best farm experience ever! After 4 months working there I can call luvaberry farm my home. Mandy and Adrian took care of me all the time and I would recommed this farm to every backpacker 🙂

ElenaPicker, Packer, Spain

We start every day at 7am sharp.

We work as a team until the job is done! This often means you get an early finish or may have to work later – but we’re all in it together!

We have two accomodation options available onsite.

We prefer for people to live and work on site to ensure that family feel.

If you don’t stay on-site you will need your own transport

We provide weekly transport to the shops and the train station and this is included in the weekly rent

Our farm is special its full of great gardens, warmth and support.  We are a farm that provides you with the opportunity to work hard and to be appreciated and valued. We like to have pizza nights and BBQs regularly and we understand that it can be difficult as young person to be so far away from home.  We like to treat our workers like an extension of our own family.

As a small multi-crop farm, we can offer you variety in the work you do – not just picking and packing strawberries.

Depending on where we are in our growing cycles, you might do other vegetables and packing or shop work depending on what needs to be done.

We’re a small team that works together to get the work done and has fun doing it!

Find Us

Schultz Family Farms – Luvaberry

65 Ziviani Road, Wamuran Qld 4512