As the name suggests, we like to have a bit of fun and see the lighter side of life but equally, we take strawberries very seriously.

Allan & Marcus Ashley

Our Story

With a background in Agricultural Science I always wanted to get involved in farming but never had the opportunity. Then, about six years ago, with the help of my recently retired school-teacher father - Allan, we took a leap and planted 100,000 strawberry plants.

We're a family team that works closely together. We pride ourselves on our relationships with the staff and getting to know everyone by name.

It’s a great atmosphere in the field and packing shed during harvest, when you can hear everyone’s music and all the laughter.








Hourly Rate ✖
Piecework ✔


Fair Farms ✖

Why Pick & Pack With Us?

We believe in accuracy and fairness, every picker will have an ID card and each tray has a barcode. Generally each picker will pick the same row each time we pick a block. We also pay the same for rubbish fruit and good fruit.
We look after our staff and take the time to learn your strengths, we give you the opportunity to pick and pack
We only have two rows of strawberry plants on each bed, plus the beds are high which makes them easier picking. Our picking trollies are light and easy to manoeuvre.
We know our workers need a break, so when we can, we aim but can’t promise to have the routine of two days harvest, one day break

6-6:30am to 2-3pm (pick) 8:30-10am to afternoon (pack)

Aim for two days on one day off.
If we get enough people this is our ideal plan to ensure everyone gets a bit of time off.

We have a relationship with some local hostels in Bundaberg, with one only 4kms away.

We can help link you up with contacts if this is something you are interested in

Hostels can provide transport if necessary. It’s better to have your own but there are options if you don’t.

We provide you with gloves and hair nets We love a clean farm so we ask everyone to bring with them what they need for the day. Sometimes to help on a cold rainy winter day we provide hot chocolate to warm up and sweeten the day for all our workers.

We have early variety so start late April Go until Mid October

Find Us

Dangleberry Farms
103 Wolfenden Rd, Calavos, Bundaberg, Qld 4670