“This farm plays a team sport; everyone has to be a team player to get the outcome. I can grow a good strawberry, but I need a team to help pick and pack with care and precision to produce a great punnet that ends up at the consumer to enjoy”

Angelo Pinna

Our Story

The farm has been on the family since the 80’s where it operated as a tobacco farm. But for the last 14 years they’ve been growing strawberries.

Athea farm has the luck of the Irish on their side, named after an Irish town in County Limerick. They can also be recognised by leprechaun out the front of the farm.

Angelo says growing strawberries is very satisfying, you start with a little plant and then you grow a fruit that people love to eat.








Hourly Rate ✔
Piecework ✔


Fair Farms ✖

Athea Strawberries workers photo

Why Pick & Pack With Us?

We have work for most of the year, as we also pick raspberries- Great for local workers looking for something a bit more long term
Ice is our accomodation manager, she looks after you and shows you around town

We like to have a few BBQs throughout the season so everyone can get to know each other


What is it like to work with us?

I’ve been with Athea for almost 8 years, finding workers and training them. This farm is so peaceful, we’re small enough that we’re a family size. It means the management have more time to spend with the staff and have a relationship with everyone.

IceStaff training, Taiwan

I worked with Iceberries team at Athea farm for almost 2 years as a picker also a packer. The manager and all staff are friendly and kindness, always take care of every workers. Worked there I felt relax and happier than worked at other farm

Shoo HungPicker & Packer, Taiwan

I’ve been worked with Athea for a year and I love this place so much! I made lots of friends there and feels calm even with the hard work but still have good times there. This farm let me feels like home someone there is like a mom will take care of me and someone is like a father. I’m in Taiwan now, I am still have my 2nd year working holiday visa, really want to go back there and I wish it’ll comes true in one day.”

Bebe ChenWorker, Taiwan

This varies depending on the season.

At peak the pickers start at 7am and the pack house a little bit later in the morning

As for breaks, because we’re piece rate we encourage our pickers to break whenever they want for however they want

With packing we generally have a break every 2.5 hours depending on orders we have to fill

Ice organises our accomodation, she’s great at linking people together and showing you around town.

We encourage people to have their own transport

But if you don’t have any transport we can help you organise a car pool with a small daily cost

We’re really big on training here and we like to create a sense of community through a Facebook group so if you have any questions they’re answered.

We have break facilities on site.

We have strawberry picking and packing work available from May – October.

The raspberry season is from November to December and picks up again in April.

Find Us

Athea Strawberries
190 Green Road, Wamuran, QLD, 4512

If you would like to work on this farm , use the APPLY NOW button and your application will sent to our Labour Hire provider